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As this blog-baby grows, there is something I need to know from you – what is it that you are most wanting to learn about the French? I want some fodder for my writings and I want to make sure that what I write is of interest to you! Think of me as the French extension of yourself and tell me what it is you would seek to learn, do or see in my beautiful new country!

Today is simply perfect – the sun is shining and there are sweet twitterings ringing from the trees. Most importantly, the maddening Mistral is not blowing a gale on my terrace!! So this morning, instead of jogging in the park, I texted my girlfriends and suggested a French breakfast in the middle of town instead. There were no arguments to go running, trust me! So we wandered into town and I felt a wash of happiness and satisfaction as I walked into the sunny street. There was a market all the way along the main Cours of town, but we by-passed this and soon found three more markets tucked back further in the streets. One was full of billowing clothing, another with bric-a-brac of all kinds, another of fruits, vegetables and delicious madeleines, and yet another of flowers!

We chose a table amongst the flowers and sat, sipping black coffee and talked about how we don’t miss home at all! In fact, we are so charmed by our current lifestyles that we can’t imagine going home. Not yet.

The views from my cafe table this morning.

The views from my cafe table this morning.