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I am sorry that it’s been a couple of weeks since I have made a blog post. School holidays happened and after a busy first week here at home, the second week was spent in Lake Como, Northern Italy! This was the first time I’ve been to Italy and, to my surprise, the Italian border is only a 2 hour drive from my house!

Along the way, I stopped in Monaco to stretch my legs and gaze upon the numerous Ferraris and other crazily-priced cars that lined the streets near the casino. I have to be honest, I felt like a massive dag walking around in my travelling clothes, no make up, etc. I don’t think I would be keen to go back unless I had a hefty bank balance to help me feel like a local!

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I spent about an hour in Monaco and pressed on towards the Italian border. I should mention at this point that the usual speed limit on the ‘autoroutes’ (read ‘motorway’) in France and Italy is 130km/hr. I usually drive a little over the limit and I’ll admit to glancing down to see the numbers creeping up to 150 at times…. It’s easy to get a heavy foot around here!

Arriving at Lake Como was a true breath of fresh air. It is the deepest lake in Europe with some parts up to 300m deep! Scary thought! The house I rented had a lovely view across a part of the lake and to the right of my bedroom balcony I could sneak a glance of the snowcapped Swiss Alps – felt like a fairytale 🙂


View across the lake

The distant Swiss Alps

The distant Swiss Alps

The most famous village on Lake Como is Bellagio. At certain times of year, Bellagio is said to host the rich and famous – walking around, I couldn’t help wondering which of the magnificent villas belonged to George Clooney! I think I found it 😉 Bellagio is characterised by quaint cobblestoned alleys that climb up from the lakeside, lined with boutiques, restaurants and art galleries. The street along the top was mostly for the gourmands among us, with delicious delis and cheese shops with fresh pasta and other scrumptious goodies on display. It was on this street that I bought my only reminder of Lake Como – an Italian coffee pot! I thought it would go nicely with the little expresso cups I bought in Monaco.

Although Lake Como was incredibly beautiful, I wouldn’t recommend people with young children travel there. Nor would I recommend it to people who suffer from car sickness or those who don’t have nerves of steel when driving!! The windy roads are incredibly skinny in sections and Italian drivers are FAST. I survived many drives up and down the side of the lake without scratching my car once – a miracle, now that I think about it!

I’ll blog about going over the Swiss border another time, as it was a bit of an adventure and probably needs it’s own post! Ciao!