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I’m entitling this post ‘Giving Thanks’ because I’m sitting on my French terrace, listening to a miriad of birds singing and looking out over my beautiful view of the Provencale countryside and feeling amazing. It’s 14 degrees celcius and my hands are a wee bit cold typing this out, but the sky is blue and bright, so I know I’m in for a beautiful day! Life is good. I am thankful for this opportunity to live here and experience what I can.

Tomorrow morning, it’s back to Italy again – this time for 4 days in the Cinque Terre and 3 days in Florence. By the end of this week coming, I will have seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Michaelangelo’s famous statue, David – you know, the 500 year old iconic masterpiece! I’m bubbling with excitement!

Here is a gorgeous picture of the little town where I will be tomorrow:



I promise to take lots of photos! And I will try to update this blog before I get to Florence. Not being very French this week, but must keep up my study of the French language – I feel my French is worse than it was one month ago. Not sure how that happened!

Today I am off to visit the hairdresser. I’m a little frightened, as my friends tell me that French hairdressers like to take a lot of creative licence with their work and I may end up with exactly what I haven’t asked for! The hairdresser I have chosen speaks a little English, so I hope I survive 🙂