I am back from Italy – have thoroughly had enough of Italy for the time being! I must admit to feeling comfortable and very happy in my French habitat. Italy was an alien land with far too many carbs – my jeans are not thanking me for that right now!

Last week, something interesting happened to me while I was out at a cafe with my children. I spoke French without first having to rehearse the lines in my head! I spoke French without scrunching up my face as I tried to remember vocabulary! The words just tumbled out of my mouth with as much ease as they do when I speak English. What I said was not difficult, but I still stood there in shock, blinking and feeling rather surprised. Then I felt kind of proud and pleased, more sure that perhaps I will be able to speak more fluently sooner than I thought was possible.

I have been watching my favourite TV shows, first an episode in English and then I replay it immediately after in French (with English subtitles). I think that this helps me to feel more confident, as I the number of words I am comprehending is going up each time I watch!

And tackling new situations with some French helps – like getting new tyres for my car last week and today, I will take a mobile phone to get fixed. I rehearse what I need to say and learn the key words before I embark on my ‘mission’…

Now, for the rehearsal! Au revoir!