Ways to be more French

Adopt these points to become ‘a little more French’ in your day to day life – not all points will be possible (gluten intolerant individuals should avoid France altogether, really!) however loving chocolate shouldn’t be a problem for anyone!

So without further ado, to be a little more French, you’ll need…

  • to have an endless ocean of patience to deal with all the waiting – waiting in line at les magasins (the shops), waiting in un bouchon (traffic jam), waiting for phones to be connected, etc.
  • nerves of steel to drive on the precarious country roads with ditches on either side that are deep enough to swallow your car.
  • to be free of gluten intolerance so you can scoff on baguettes, banettes, paninis, pizza, croissants and brioche (to name a few).
  • to love chocolat (do I really need to translate that one?!)
  • to be able to drink espresso – very strong black coffee – with a straight face (I haven’t mastered this point yet).
  • to have a high degree of nonchalance (relaxed indifference) about most things.

I’ll be adding to this list over time – feel free to make suggestions, if you do indeed know how to be more French!!


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